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Maxxis Tyres

About Maxxis Tyres

Maxxis Offroad and Extreme 4WD tyres employ precision technology and rugged durability to battle the toughest elements anywhere. Their superior sidewall strength, heavy duty construction and range of tread patterns means they can stand up to the most challenging terrains and situations. Available in both radial and bias construction, there's a Maxxis tyre available to accommodate multiple applications. For excellent braking, handling, high mileage and performance, Maxxis offer choice, value and quality.

Maxxis Tyres & CBT Racing

"Extreme Off-road driving calls for a tough tyre" Maxxis Tyres Australia.

That is why CBT Racing chooses to run Maxxis Tyres for both winch challenges and "flat track" style events on there GQ Patrol race truck, on there 100 series Landcruiser tow vehicle and on there car trailer.

Maxxis Tyres have provided CBT Racing over the past 6 years with a competitive edge in all terrains and at all events.  Maxxis Tyres have proven to be the ultimate extreme off road tyres.  ..."you'll get easy handling even in rough and rocky terrain" and "durability and control in any weather, while still providing excellent braking and driving performance." - Maxxis Tyres Australia

CBT Racing recommend Maxxis Tyres to give you traction in all terrain

Ask for Maxxis Tyres from your local tyre dealer!




CBT Racing with like to thank there sponsors for the continued support.

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