27 June 2010

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10 November 2009

Y Not - Another win?

Team Y Not (CBT Racing, Mark Thomas / Luke Ingram and Jason St John / Greg Ward) finished in first place at CQ Challenge.

This was an awesome weekend of racing.  CBT Racing was very impressed by the quantity and quality of cars that were at the event.  CBT Racing also enjoyed the variety of challenges set-up by the crew from CQ Offroad Club.

We would like to thank Brad Dukes, Davo and the rest of the CQ Offroad Club Committee, officials and fellow competitors for making the weekend possible (and so enjoyable).  

We would also like to thank 

- Aaron Ward for helping Team Y Not out when Luke Ingram hurt his ankle.

- Our team mates - Mark Thomas / Luke Ingram and Jason St John / Greg Ward.

- Opposite Lock Mackay for helping Y Not make the event.

CBT Racing would also like to thank our sponsors for their continued support. 

24 October 2009

More success for CBT Racing

With the end of the 2009 quickly approach, as to is the final rounds of the ARB Xtreme Winch challenge Series and Mickey Thompson SSS Winch challenge Series.

In only their second year of competing in winch challanges, CBT Racing won the ARB Xtreme Winch challenge Series.  They pick up the series win in Manilla (Tamworth, NSW) where we also won the third round of the ARB Xtreme Winch challenge Series.  

CBT Racing would like to thank Dave Metcalfe, officials and fellow competitors for making the round and series possible.  We would also like to thank our sponsors for their continued support.

CBT Racing is now looking forward to the next race event, CQ Challange.  We will be teaming up with Mark Thomas/Luke Ingram and Jason St John / Greg Ward for these event.

3 October 2009

CBT Racing wins 2009 EFS Xtreme International (XI)

Christian and Terry's passion for competitive 4wding began when watching the XI a few years ago at LCMP.  The 2009 EFS XI was the first 8-day event that CBT Racing has entered and we were excited that this event was the same event that fueled our passion.

CBT Racing would like to thank Dave Metcalfe, the officials and fellow competitors for making the 8-days of racing possible.

We would also like to thank the following sponsors.  Without your support our success would not be possible:
-  Superior Alignments ((07) 3888 6988)
-  Superior Engineering
S & M Metals
Boab 4x4
Hart Transmissions
-  Turbo Batteries ((07) 3881 1444)
Fat Pipes
Big Tyre Group (Maxxis)
K M Diesel
Direct Suspensions

We would also like to thank the following people who helped us out:
-  Chad Macey - Thanks for the car trailer
-  Dave Hobbs - Thanks for towing the camper
-  Family and friends who spent their spare time helping us prepare the truck for the event.

August 2009

Coopers Rally Round 4

Round 4 of Coopers Rally was a challenging weekend for CBT Racing.  

The prologue stage was a fun and quick track and saw Christian starting in 3rd place overall.  Following stage Coopers Christian had the second quickest time and Belinda's times were very consistent.  

From there on in things went from bad to worse.  

Stage 2 saw Christian drop back by around 5 minutes following the car loosing power (a fuse to the truck's main power source failed).  Things did not get much better on stage 3.  The cap for the power steering fell off about half track and Christian lost power steering.  Terry and Christian managed to wrestle the truck back home, but were very saw and tired.  Christian was unable to put a time down on stage 4 after catching the car in front of him early on in the track.

Thinking they could not have any more bad luck, Belinda headed out on her 3rd lap - things did get worse.  The turbo on CBT Racing's Nissan Winch Truck blew up as Belinda was exiting Coopers Stadium.

CBT Racing would like to thank everyone who helped them out over the weekend, especially Corey Howe for the use of the trailer.

We would also like to thank LCMP team and Coopers Tyres for making the weekend possible.

Congrats to all round and overall series winners.

2 August 2009

SSS Winch Challenge Round 2

Mickey Thompson SSS Winch Challenge was a challenging weekend for CBT Racing.  Stirlo set some really intereseting and tuff tracks - steep winch walls, tight technical sections, speed stages and mud.  CBT Racing enjoyed all the stages and got a great result - 1st place.

CBT Racing would like to the thank the Stirlo, Jo, officials, the event sponsor (Mickey Thompson) and Landcruiser Mountain Park.

20 July 2009

Cooper's Rally - LCMP

Cooper's Rally was another great weekend for CBT Racing.  Christian got first in diesel class.  Belinda also achieved an awesome 2nd place in ladies class.  

Most importingly the car came home in one piece.

CBT Racing would like to the thank the Landcruiser Mountain Park team and the event sponsor (Coopers Tyres) for making the weekend possible.

In car footage from the weekend will be up on our youtube channel in the next couple of days.  


25 June 2009

youtube - Video's

CBT Racing now has its own channel on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/CBTracing4x4).  We have started updating the channel to include video footage from the past couple of years from both inside and outside the car.

We hope you enjoy. 

16 June 2009

New Tyres - Looking forward to Rockhampton

CBT Racing will run for the first time at Rockhampton 37" Maxxis Trepador tyres supplied by Big Tyre Group   at Lawnton.   Special thanks to Boab 4x4   for helping out with the inner bead locks and Rob Marshall for lending us a set of rims for the tyres while our new 16" rims are on order.   We are looking forward to see how the car performs wtih the new tyres.

We would also like to thank Harts Transmissions   for helping us rebuild the gearbox and rear diff before the big trip to Rockhampton.

Hope to see you all this weekend at Rockhampton.


Coopers June   2009


Thanks to Stirlo, Jo and the officials for a great weekend at Landcruiser Park   for Round 2 of Mickey Thompson SSS GPS Challenge.   After finishing close to last at the first round, CBT Racing was focused on improving their result this time around.   And improve they did - 1st place overall with 4 stage wins.   Hopefully the 200 odd point CBT Racing were ahead will help us for the series.  

For those that are interested, we use a Zumo 550 GPS.


27 May 2009

Can you ever have enough power . . .

Thanks to Fat Pipes   who put a new 3" dump pipe on CBT Racing's GQ Nissan Patrol Winch Truck on monday.

We are now trying to prepare the car for Mickey Thompson SSS GPS challenge this weekend.

Hopefully the car will come back in one piece as it is booked back in at RDP 4x4 (Phone: (07) 3284 1925)   on tuesday next week.   We don't think there will be any   more   power gains, but hope the pyro will run cooler than last time the truck was on the dyno.   We are also going to rebuild the gear box (3rd gear syncro appears to have gone), rear diff centre and front cv's before 2nd round of Xtreme Winch challenge   at Rockhampton in June.

We have put the graph from first dyno run of CBT Racing's GQ Nissan patrol Winch Truck on our photo's page.


20 May 2009

Stage 2 Upgrade - More power??

CBT Racing's GQ Nissan Patrol Winch Truck has spend the early part of this week at RDP 4x4 (Phone: (07) 3284 1925).

The RDP 4x4 discovered that the dump pipe at the back of the turbo was to small.   The caused the engine to drop power quickly.

The winch truck is booked into Fat Pipes next week to put a 3" dump pipe (the truck currently has a 2" dump pipe).  

This mod will see the engine hold power for longer and further decrease the pyro temp.   CBT Racing is also hoping the motor will generate more power.

We also   fitted a new brake booster to the winch truck to help solve the lack of brakes issue the car was suffering from at Off Road Expo.  

Christian and Terry have also been looking into   some modifications to the rear winch they hope may be in place before the second round of ARB Xtreme Winch Challenge in late June.


4 May 2009

Off Road Expo

Off Road Expo was an awesome weekend for CBT Racing.   CBT Racing was entered into every event at Landcruiser Mountain Park for their annual Off Road Expo and placed in   5 of the   7 events.

  • SSS Winch challenge - 1st (2 stage wins)
  • All 4x4 Parts Gymkana - Diesel Class - 2nd
  • Old Man Emu Super Rally Cross - Diesel Class - 3rd
  • Show n Shine - Extreme Class - 3rd
  • Cooper Tyres Hill Drags - Diesel Class - 3rd

Geoff's (Belinda and Terry's dad) Toyota 80 Series Landcruiser also got 2nd place in Show n Shine, touring class.  

These results would not have been achievable without the recent upgrade to the air intake -the car definitely had more power and the pyro did not get hot.   We are looking forward to undertaking further upgrades in the near future to gain more power and effiency.

Thanks to Landcruisder Park, officials and fellow competitors for a great weekend of compeittion.


25 April 2009

Repairs & Upgrade Completed

CBT Racing did a fair amount of damage to the front of their GQ Nissan Patrol at EFS Teams event.   As a result of the damage, the cab needed to be repaired and lifted, front inner guard removed, and bullbar pulled from the front of the car.

Special thanks to S & M Metals for providing the steel, services and workshop for CBT Racing to undertake these repairs.

CBT Racing also found   as a result of a signfiicnat number of speed events at EFS Teams event, the pyro was running fairly hot.   After discussions with Fat Pipes, it was decided an upgrade was necessary to reduce the heat.   It is likely that this will be done in 2 parts.   The first part of the upgrade was completed last week by Fat Pipes.   This upgrade increased the air intake from 3" to 4" and relocated the pod filter from under the bonnet to the pillar adjacent to the left hand windscreen.

We hope to see the results of this upgrade next weekend at Off Road Expo.

Stay tuned for stage 2 upgrade.


CBT Racing with like to thank there sponsors for the continued support.

 Springers Solar |  KM Diesel Lightforce | Maxxis Tyres Superior Alignments | Harts Transmission Fat Pipes | Superior Auto Glass | R & J Batteries

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