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The People


(Christian and Terry accepting the first place trophy at Round 1 SSS Winch Challenge 2009 - WELL DONE BOYS!!)

Christian Trusz – The Driver

Christian is 34-years-old and is a qualified Heavy Diesel Mechanic    Christian has always had a keen interest in motor vehicles as well as a talent and passion for driving and perfecting his technique.   Christian’s desire to progress into competitive 4WD racing developed when he no longer found tracks he attempted to drive in his 80 Series Landcruiser a challenge.   Christian sold his much loved Landcruiser to fund the purchase of his winch truck.


Belinda Trusz   – Jack of All Trades, Master of None


Belinda is also 34-years-old and is an accountant.   Belinda's interest in motorsport began when she started going to the drags when she was 15-years-old. Her interest in competitive 4WD racing devleoped when she attended an event with Christian (Belinda's wife) and Terrry (Belinda's brother).  Since attending this event Belinda has raced the winch truck and navigated for Christian at smaller 'flat track' events. However, Christian and Terry would be first to admit that Belinda's strengh is making sure they are fed, have a cold drink handy and ensuring they get to each event on time.


Terry Kane   – The Navigator


Terry is a 30-year-old Plumber.   Terry has always had a keen interest in motor vehciles and motorsport.   Terry became more interested in four-wheel driving when he purchased his first four-wheel drive at 18-years-old.   An interset in competiive four-wheel driving developed whilst watching a competition about two years ago at Landcruiser Mountain Park.   Terry's other interest include water skiing, running and rock climbing (hand hobbies for any navigator).  Terry is the only member of CBT Racing to have a patrol as there everyday car!




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